Otis Heat formed in 2008, in Portland, OR around the songwriting of cartoonist, Sean O'Neill, after original members met in a car accident, from which they were assisted by an elderly man, named Otis.   

The band has released 3 full length albums, 1 EP, and extensively toured the USA.   

Current Members: Sean O'Neill (vocals, bass), Taylor Kingman (guitar), Buddy Weeks (drums)

The band's music and videos are available on most streaming platforms (Spotify, YouTube, BandCamp, Apple Music, etc.)


Otis Heat formed around the songwriting of cartoonist, Sean O'Neill (IG: @SeanOgCartoons), in 2008.  Sean O'Neill, Adam Lucas, and, new friend, Mike Warner, had a fateful jam session one evening in Portland, OR, after meeting in a car accident, from which they were assisted by an elderly man, named Otis.  A recording of this original jam can be heard on the last track of the band's first album, Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Uh Huh.  Following that album's release the band made a second album, Yoon, in 2011 with drummer, Scotty Gervais, and began extensively touring the US.  Notably, the band's first US tour included a bill with, famed, Janelle Monae and Bruno Mars at the Viper Room on Los Angeles' Sunset Strip; a showcase performance at SXSW; and, a live recording session on Jam in the Van.  In 2012, Otis Heat recorded The Ugly EP, with drummer, Buddy Weeks, and, in 2014, their third full length album, ING.  Today, residing in Portland, the band members include, Sean O'Neill (bass, vocals), cartoonist and postural therapist; Buddy Weeks (drums), professional musician, who plays with Tommy Alexander, Sallie Ford, and Mike Coykendall; and, the band's newest member, Taylor Kingman (guitar), a professional songwriter and musician, who performs under his own name, and with T.K. & the Holy Know-Nothings.  Otis Heat plans to record a new record in 2020.